Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Flash TV show, its really happening,

In case you didn't know. I love me some Flash. I really started to love The Flash in 1991 when I saw the original CBS TV show a year after its original airing. Being as I grew up in the UK, I actually saw the show on VHS when we rented a copy from my local video store. My father and I watched the whole tape in awe and quickly went back to the store looking for more. We were soon disappointed when it was the only tape they had.
Eventually the Show came to the SKY TV service and I watched every episode with glee. For me it was the greatest super hero event I had ever seen. Being an 11 year old I snagged the occasional issue of the comic book from 'car boot sales' and markets, there were no comic book stores or adventurous book stores to be found out where I lived so those few issues were precious to me.
A good few years ago now, as an adult a good friend managed to find the whole TV show on DVD for me, a miraculous find to be sure! I watched it all, dated, silly and some of the worst effects I have ever seen. I loved it! Just last year I sat with my daughter and watched the whole set again. I'm not sure if she loved it the way I did but we made it though the whole series none the less.
My collection of Flash comics is now vast, filling a long box and then some. I have complete story arch dating back to the late 70's and a pile of trade paper backs. I have a Flash statue that cost me more than I care to admit to and on my left arm I proudly have my Flash insignia tattoo.
I just straight up love the flash, I'm telling you all this in hopes that you realise how much I'm looking forward to the new TV show. Good or bad, I will watch every episode more than once and pick every moment to death.
Today a few pictures surfaced on the web. We have a few shots of the Flash from different angles and a close up of the head/helm of the suit showed up a few days ago. What do I think?
That head section looks great, its really slick and smooth. I like it a lot. The rest of the suit however is a different story. It looks like a biker cos-playing as Dare Devil. it's really not impressed me. It doesn't look like something an athlete would choose to wear and that belt makes me facepalm. All this said though, I bet it will look great on TV once we see it correctly lit and with some post production 'flair' on it.
I have faith that the production team know best for the story that they are trying to tell. They did a great job on the Arrow TV show and I have faith that it will be at the very least an entertaining show.
I doubt it will look as cool as it did in the 90's though!
I think I may start writing monthly reviews of the New 52 comic for you all. Mostly for my own indulgence.


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