Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thoughts - Talon #3

Title: Talon #2 
Writer: Scott Snyder
Art: Guillem March
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Scott Snyder is a genius I have no intention of arguing this fact however if I had never read any of his work then I would not know he was a genius from reading Talon. The first issue (issue zero) was really great and set up a certain type of narrative that has been forgotten in the two issues since (bringing us to issue 2)

For me, Talon reads like a big budget 1990's TV show. It's one man and his mysterious mentor fighting against the odds. its an old setup that never worked in the 90's never mind 2012. If any other writer where behind this title I would cancel my order for it right now. However this is not any other writer, this is the work of Scott Snyder, the man bringing us the mind blowing Death of the Family story arch. The man who wrote the Court of the Owls. This man is a god among writers and DC comics hottest talent of the moment.

The art work in this issue is acceptable, there is a moment when a character is sitting under a molten metal rain, a moment that could have shone with the right attention to detail however in this issue the moment looked flat and lacked emotional impact. It's not bad artwork, it serves its purpose and is clear but did not stand out as the issue zero of Talon did with its washed out mood and earthy tones.

The actual story of the issue is like a condensed one-shot issue. It reads like an episode of a TV show rather than a comic book story. All-in-all I did not enjoy Talon. I can only assume that Scott Snyder's mind is with another story arch at the moment. I will keep reading Talon until at least issue six (I like to gave any comic at least one arch to get going) but I think it will take some seriously good story points to hold my attention.

So far Talon is a missed chance to flesh out bat-lore and transcend the Court of Owls from a single story arch to an epic staple of DC mythology. at the moment it feels forced and pointless. lets hope Scott saves it before I give up.

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