Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thoughts: Saga - Chapter Four

Title: Saga - Chapter Four
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Penciller: Fiona Staples
Other info link: Here

I keep writing blog posts that are complementary and positive. I assure you in real life I'm not this filled with rainbows but when it comes to Saga I have to admit that there is literally nothing about it that's no mind blowingly great. Be aware there that I didn't say that in the frame of 'in my opinion' or 'I think...' this is because Saga is awesome, this is a matter of indisputable fact.

Saga is the result of mashing bible story's, Romeo and Juliette, Star Wars and Lord of the rings and then serving in health satisfying portions as apposed to the 'keep them waiting' approach that has become so prevalent in entertainment media.

In this, the fourth issue chapter of the story we focus on the serious and professional bounty hunter 'The Will' and get a hint that he isn't a bad bloke after all (for a remorseless hired killer) as he punishes a perverted child trafficking alien while he explores what appears to be a planet who's entire reason for existing is the sex industry (and the art doesn't shy away from this). We also get the usual conversation driven plot updates from Alana and Marko finishing up with the now expected 'shit hit the fan' cliff hanger. 

This comic has the most honestly interesting story I have encountered and everything from the subtext in the dialogue to the letters page screams instant classic with an art style to match. I really can't see how any mature comic reader could give it anything other than praise.

My only concern is that these four issues have been so impressive that I worry the writers won't be able to keep it up and sooner or later the fidelity of the story will begin to fade. A strange concern I know but this story is so strong that its a genuine one.

Unless you're one of the people that only reads about spandex clad heroes I am certain that there is something in this story for you to enjoy.

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