Sunday, 3 June 2012

Thoughts - Earth 2. #1

Title: Earth 2 - The Price of Victory (new 52)
Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott
Other info link: Here

I never planned on picking up Earth 2 but seeing it on the shelf at my local store I couldn't resist picking it up. It's part of the second wave of DC's New 52 ongoing relaunch. I have never read any of the alienate time line stuff before so this was a first for me and I have to say it was as great introduction to the concept.

Upon opening the issue I was greeted with a startling image of soldiers firing up at a well rendered group of Parademons. Nicola Scott's art is wonderful from the first page and is pleasantly consistent with as much attention to the backdrop of every scene as to the action in the foreground.

I am going to try and resist plastering this post with spoilers past the fact that this Earth 2 world is one that exists without the 'big three' making me think that its partially a reboot of the '52' story as well as the first alternate timeline to be part of the New 52 (DC do love that number don't they) because of this, I am expecting events to play out in a somewhat familiar fashion.

This issue tries to quickly establish the timeline and move on to the meat of the intended plot, Superman, Batman and Wonder woman are removed from this world and the 'Apokolips war' is forced to an end. Within a few pages of this we are given a tone setting conversation with the much different Alan Scott and then a touching moment with a young Jay Garrick.

Unfortunately this series is only at issue one and is already being over shadowed by the announcement that this incarnation of Alan Scott will be Gay. I think a characters sexuality its irrelevant to the meat of he kind of story I am expecting in Earth 2 as it progresses. It is nice however to see that DC are realizing that in real life some people are gay and they are trying to reflect this with a respected character. Past this I don't care much as long as he develops into a solid and well written Green Lantern. If people read or avoid this comic based only on this fact then they really shouldn't be allowed to choose their own comics any more (I'll just e-mail them a reading list every month)

As first issues go it hooked me in and made me genuinely curious about how things will unfold for this second Earth and I think its probably one of The strongest first issues I have seen since the New 52 kicked off.

About half way through the issue there is a two page image of the scared landscape that although simple really hammers home that his is a different and more beaten world even though on the very next page we see a regular suburban Michigan street with life going on as normal. This served to deepen my interest especially when I realized that the character standing on the street was destined to become an incarnation of the Flash (I really like the Flash.)

I have already asked my Local store to add this title to my reservation list and am looking forwards to hopefully writing praises for the second issue.

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