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Thoughts - Flashpoint: Abin Sur.

Title: Abin Sur - The Green Lanern (Flashpoint Badged)
Writer: Adam Schilagman
Penciller: Felipe Massafera
Other info link: Here

The Flashpoint event is something that I have become a little obsessed with. The event was over when my comic obsession really kicked in earlier this year but Iv'e gone back and soaked up literally all the Trade paperbacks and grabbed single issues from e-bay whenever I have seen them.

Abin Sur (Green Lantern) Flashpoint miniseries arrived just the other day, as with all comics single issues are the way to consume them wherever possible as you have clear story breaks and the structure of the tale is far more clear than when read in TPB form.

Before I continue I should make it clear that I am not a regular Green Lantern reader and my general GL knowledge is almost none existent.

Like other Flashpoint stories the writer doesn't feel any obligation to fill you in on the 'current events' of the Flashpoint universe and you are expected to take things on face value.

In the world of Flashpoint Abin Sur still serves as a Green Lantern (he did a great job of not being dead for reasons that elude me even now) and he is sent to Earth to retrieve a thing known as 'the white entity' for reasons that are not explained. I assume that to regular readers of the Green Lantern this makes far more sense as it's not uncommon for Flashpoint stories to hinge on obscure lore.

Soon enough Thaal Sinestro (famed film character and general pain in GL corps collective ass) turns up with a lame plan to.... wait, this is where I loose it a little, his motivations are not clear at all, It seams that he wants to some how reverse Flashpoint, that sounds okay, then he wants to take the Flashes powers... no, I have no idea what his actual reasoning or motivation is. He's definitively a bad dude though.

At the end of the first issue Abin's ship is shot down by a purple ray, a ray that seems to come from nowhere and is not actually mentioned again, (who shot him down? I assume it must be referenced in another Flashpoint volume)

I won't give away any more spoilers (discussing issue one is hardly as spoiler)  for people who have not yet gotten to the end but to me the story feels rushed and disjointed. there are scenes with  Hal Jordan a few times in the story but i think the plot could have streamlined and missed him out entirely not that it matters because in the end the whole thing it like a retelling of a much larger story and serves as little more than a summery.

The plot is potentially strong but is let down massively by the three issue run length. At the end of the third issue I was still confused and wasn't even sure what was happening or why. Flashpoint is always hit and
miss but this one is a massive miss to anyone other than the most hardcore GL readers (I assume.)

The artwork throughout the series is beautiful and rich but not quite good enough to make me forgive the story's rushed pace.

I loved Flashpoint its layers and interlocking plot lines fascinate me and being a massive Flash fan any story that puts him in the center is going to be a favorite for me but as a whole, I have to admit the quality was a little sketchy

If you are picking up Flashpoint for the first time and want to start somewhere then pick up the Superman and Batman TPB's. Open Superman and read the Booster Gold Story then open Batman and read the Dick Grayson Story because those are the best two thing's that Flashpoint has to offer.

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